cyber Alert-Social Media and online safety for kids, youth & teens

  • Course level: Intermediate


Are you aware about how your children are using their devices? From social media to online gaming, you may be surprised at what they are exposed to. This course is design to keep you inform about all the apps out there and how  to keep our kids from cyberbullying, trolls, hashtags and cyber danger strangers. There are huge emotional damage that kids could suffer  online without proper guidance.



What Will I Learn?

  • All Parents and youth workers
  • you will learn how to keep your kids, youth & teens safe online and on social media.
  • How to communicate with them about their digital life

Topics for this course


-Be cyber alert!!!

Kids favorites Apps & what parents should look for?

we bring to your attention all the favorite apps that makes kids glue to their gadgets. Be alert!!!

Privacy settings & safety tools?

Digital parenting. There are security & privacy settings use them

Online safety education?

Have an honest conversation about online dangers. Be a responsible parent.

Target Audience

  • Parents
  • Anyone with kids aged 7-19
  • anyone working with kids and teens