Full cyber security Lesson- Browsing the Internet safely

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  • Last Update November 26, 2021


This is a full cyber security lesson to teach you how to combine different security strategies to  stay anonymous when you browse online. Every day hackers are able to steal vital data from individuals and companies. These lessons are design to make you cyber alert. Don’t be the next victim of cyber attack. Follow these practical security measures as you go through the lessons-BE CYBER ALERT!

  1. Browsing security-Do’s & Don’t
  2. Windows 10 privacy settings-Block trackers
  3. Anonymous browsing-Firefox Security Settings
  4. Google chrome security settings
  5. VPNs- Virtual Private Network-hide your IP address for privacy
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bonus-explore other vpns

What Will I Learn?

  • 1.Understand the CIA-Triad
  • 2.Remain Private online
  • 3. Defend your Laptop from virus attach
  • 4. install antivirus on your Lap/PC and enable windows defender
  • 5. Enable all windows security settings for maximum privacy
  • 6. Implement VPN- a private tunnel to hide your identity online

Topics for this course

7 Lessons2h 41m 10s

Introduction-What is cyber security?

In a very simplified terms cyber security requires implementing security steps to protect your data and personal information. The CIA-Triad-This is a way of ensuring Confidentiality. Integrity. Availability of Data

Secure browsing-Do’s and Don’ts?

Visit only official websites Perform anti virus checks Do not re use same password Avoid public Wi-Fi

Windows 10 OS Security Settings?

Block trackers and spies. enable auto update. secure privacy settings.

Firefox Security Settings

Google Chrome Security Settings?

Enable all security settings and extension for maximum privacy online

Virtual Private Network?

Virtual Private Network-hide your IP address. VPN will encrypt your traffic and give you privacy, security and freedom online


secure connection-DEMO

Bonus Video-Explore other VPNs?

Apart from proton vpn, there are other vpn providers who provide good privacy that you have to pay for. We have a video showing you 5 of them. you can engage the services of any one of them
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  • Laptop/PC with internet connection
  • willingness to learn

Target Audience

  • Anyone who owns a laptop or PC
  • Any one who browse the internet
  • cyber security graduates